In January 2023 Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation came into effect 4 years after it was originally announced by the Government. This new requirement makes producers and manufacturers more responsible for the entire life cycle of their products, from design through to end-of-life including waste collection and recycling.

The initial roll out of EPR will focus on household and street bin waste and the scheme is designed to move part of the cost for collection, sorting and recycling currently picked up by local authorities onto the original producers. This implementation of the scheme means that from the start of this year businesses need to start collecting data on their packaging so that they are in a position to report back for a consultation process in the Summer. By 2025 the scheme is expected to be fully launched and include fibre based disposable cups.

The retail sector is the single biggest contributor of commercial waste in the UK and Ireland and responsible brands are committed to help drive down industry waste and reduce reliance on virgin resources and materials. The Food To Go sector (FTG) has been a vital industry in the last 2 to 3 years, helping retailers get back into growth by generating significant profits.

In order to comply with the upcoming EPR consultation later this year it is essential that waste collection and materials separation be applied at the earliest possible point. Although small businesses may be excluded from the mandatory take back scheme there are two key benefits for retailers who opt in to be more sustainably responsible. Firstly, the obvious positive impact that their actions will have on the planet and environment and secondly, it’s what consumers are asking for. Shoppers today are much more aware of which brands and products are carefully considering the environment and they are actively making purchase decisions driven by this knowledge.

Added to this more F2G products are being consumed on premises, therefore retailers would be wise to visibly demonstrate waste separation to prove their level of Corporate Social Responsibility [CSR] commitment.  There are many options readily available, either off the shelf or bespoke.

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