The first stages of the Extended Producer Responsibility (EPR) legislation came into effect at the beginning of 2023. EPR is an environmental policy that makes producers responsible for the entire life cycle of the products, from their design until end of life, including waste collection and recycling.

Under the proposed EPR plans, to be introduced in phased stages, businesses placing certain types of products on the market will be required to pay the full costs associated with products throughout its lifecycle. It is hoped that this cost transfer, from taxpayer to producers, will incentivise more sustainable product design and packaging choices.

By 2025 the scheme is expected to be fully launched and include fibre based disposable cups.

The retail sector is the single biggest contributor of commercial waste in the UK and Ireland and as a responsible designer and manufacturer of retail displays THREE POINT DESIGN are committed to help drive down industry waste and reduce reliance on virgin resources and materials. A number of our clients are in the Food To Go [F2G] sector which has been a vital industry in the last 2 to 3 years, helping retailers get back into growth by generating significant profits. One particular area within this sector which offers attractive margins is “Hot Drinks”. Recent research studies have shown that a retailer can make up to 70% margin on every £1 of coffee sold, an offer as they say which is “too good to refuse”.

THREE POINT DESIGN have been working with clients in the “Hot Drinks” sector for many years, back to the days of Coffee Nation which eventually became Costa Express. Our Giant Coffee Cups can be seen all over the UK and we are incredibly proud that the Cups we supply give multiple years of use due to the design and materials used; In fact some of the Giant Cups we provided are still going strong over a decade after installation, which is in itself incredibly sustainable, way before “sustainability” became the hot topic that it is today.

With more Food To Go products being consumed on premises retailers re now required to provide waste collection and separation in customers areas.  Visibly demonstrating waste separation shows off Corporate Social Responsibility commitment.

Recently, as part of our commitment to help our clients grow, we developed a recycling point version of our Giant Coffee Cups for Chaiiwala. The Indian Street Food brand are opening new outlets all over the UK and overseas and they quickly recognised the benefits of listening to customer feedback and the need for a recycling point. By amending the design of the existing cups to include a detachable lid with cup size posting holes we were able to offer a solution in double quick time. By putting this version of the cup on castor wheels it means that this environmentally conscious recycling point can be positioned wherever it’s required to disrupt the shopper journey, whilst boasting a sustainability edge.

Utilising the Giant Cup Bins as a collection point is an innovative way for affected businesses to respond to the upcoming take-back scheme on disposable fibre-based composite cups. These Giant Cups raise brand awareness and have proven to be very successful in uplifting sales, over 200% has been experienced by some brands, and its long life expectancy makes this a very worthy investment for any business, brand or retailer. In addition to the obvious benefits these bring it also conveys clearly the brands’ Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) as well as giving shoppers a feel good factor that they are doing their bit to help.

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