The original designer and manufacturer of the GIANT coffee cup.

We know you’ve seen the giant coffee cups that are a staple at most motorway services and petrol stations, but did you know, WE DID THAT! They’re part of our heritage, and we’ve been creating them for brands, retailers, and hospitality venues across Europe for well over a decade.

An idea was born

A simple request for a new, innovative and standout permanent point of sale display from the Costa Coffee retail marketing team has since transformed into an iconic, recognised landmark retail display mechanic that is the visual hospitality benchmark for takeaway coffee companies.

Costa Coffee wanted to launch the GIANT coffee cups nationwide as part of a rebrand from Coffee Nation to Costa Express. As a result, we designed, manufactured, and installed around 3000 GIANT Costa Coffee cups.

GIANT coffee cups for point of sale retail displays

There’s no doubt that you’ve seen the GIANT coffee cup somewhere around the UK. That’s because they are not only an iconic symbol of takeaway coffee, but they also make super successful permanent retail point-of-sale displays.

GIANT coffee cups are great for:

  • Raising brand awareness
  • Acting as a physical store marker
  • Drawing shopper attention
  • Offering a standout branding opportunity.

In fact, you can read more about why our GIANT coffee cups are so fantastic for retail promotion in our article ‘5 Reasons our GIANT Coffee Cups are smashing the retail POS market’.

GIANT Coffee Cups to support waste recycling initiatives

Our GIANT coffee cups are not only great for retail point of sale, but they can be practical too!

By adapting the design with a hole in the lid for posting recyclables such as used coffee cups and a chamber to capture them inside, the GIANT coffee cups can also make great waste recycling points for coffee shops, adventure parks and hospitality venues.

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