We are a multi-disciplined creative retail design and display company with a wide range of
in-house services.

We are the experts in specialist retail solutions.

Retail Design

We’re a bunch of forward-thinking, ambitious, creative retail designers.

We pride ourselves in our ‘Three Point’ approach, where we capture, and respond to the wants and needs of the brand, retailer, and consumer, delivering amazing results.

Our experience spans everything from retail display fixtures, temporary promotional displays, in-store permanent displays, experiential activations, pop-up shops and even full-scale interior fitouts and space transformations.

We can turn retail design sketches and creative CAD concepts into a reality.

We love to work with bold, creative brands that are willing to push the boundaries of retail design and display.

Ready to work with the retail display experts? Say hello, we’d love to discuss your project with you.

UK Manufacturing

We’re based in the East Midlands and are proud to manufacture all of our retail displays from our factory right here in Leicestershire, UK.

Our project managers and production teams are all based under the same roof, so you can ensure we have full control over your campaign from concept to store.

Laser Cutting

We have on-site laser cutting equipment that ensures the highest level of precision and accuracy during manufacturing of retail displays.

We can etch, engrave and cut-out on various materials including plastics, wood, marble, glass and leather with the laser machine programmed for maximum layups, reducing waste, and creating a more efficient production process. We can also polish the edges of cut material too.

Laser cutting is a very economical process requiring less manual labour, as all finishing is completed as part of the laser machine process.

Our laser machines are covered to extract fumes generated and filtered before being distributed via a chimney above the building that diffuses it at 20 metres air height.

The benefits of laser cutting for retail displays include:

  • • Extremely accurate and results in less rejects
  • • One process for cutting and finishing
  • • Requires less manual labour
  • • Is ultimately a clean process creating no bits or mess
  • • Fumes are filtered and dispersed efficiently

Vacuum Forming

Vacuum forming or thermo forming is a popular method to create retail point of sale displays such as countertop displays and shelf organisers right through to our ever-popular GIANT promotional coffee cups.

We design and develop vacuum forming moulds known as ‘tools’ or ‘patterns’ in-house, based on technical specification, required shape and overall load bearing.

From the supermarket shelf through to the cosmetics counter, vacuum formed displays enable each display product to have its own display spot, in the form of a pot, channel or cut out.

The benefits of vacuum forming for retail displays include:

  • • Quick development and production time
  • • Very economical – A low mould cost which can be used again and again
  • • Huge range of material options
  • • Trimmed waste can be recycled

Site Surveys & Installation

Looking for a retail design and display partner who can support campaign activation? No problem. We have a skilled and experienced team of site surveyors and installers who will happily manage this for you.

From detailed site surveys and taking store measurements right through to distribution and store activation, we can help you to get your campaign live on time, without fuss.


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