There’s no doubt about it unless you live under a stone you would have seen a GIANT coffee cup somewhere around the UK.

We’re proud that their part of our heritage. Yep, that’s right, we did it. That was us, and we’re super proud that they have become such the smash hit for retailers that they are today.

We designed the original GIANT Coffee Nation coffee cup before it was rebranded as the well-known Costa Express that you now see on petrol station forecourts or outside high-street stores all over the country. These have been so successful that now we also produce them for many other retailers, chain, and independents nationwide too.

You can read more about how it all began here: Read more about the Giant Coffee Cup

In this article, we explore 5 Reasons why the Giant Coffee Cup is smashing the Retail point of sale market….

Raise brand awareness

GIANT coffee cups outside retail stores raise brand awareness by disrupting the path of passing traffic and being present in a place where they’re not expected.

The great thing about the GIANT coffee cup is its size. It’s unusual to see a coffee cup so big, and that’s one of the reasons they work so well. They’re memorable, fun, and experiential which makes shoppers love them.

Act as a physical retail store marker

Whether it’s in the high street, on the pavement or at a festival, the presence of a giant coffee cup is enough to signify a café, coffee shop or takeaway drinks service.

The reality is having a giant coffee cup outside your store will ultimately drive thirsty footfall into your café or coffee shop.

A recognised service icon

Passing shoppers know what to expect when they see a giant coffee cup. It’s become an instantly recognisable service icon!

Perfect for outdoor promotion

The GIANT retail displays were originally designed for outdoor use, now we can’t speak for all the copy-cats out there, but the one’s we produce are designed and built to withstand the outdoor elements.

Our version of the GIANT coffee cups are incredibly robust. In fact, some of the GIANT coffee cups you see today have been in-situ for around 5 years.

Can also be used as a recycling point or waste bin

These GIANT retail displays can have functional benefits too, like being used as a waste bin or recycling point for used take-out cups.

We created a recycling point GIANT Chaii cup for Indian street food brand Chaiiwala. We tailored the design of our GIANT coffee cup and gave it a detachable lid and created cup sized posting holes for the top. On castors, this environmentally conscious recycling point can be wheeled to and from its promotional point and disrupt the shopper journey, whilst boasting a sustainability edge.

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