In December 2020 we introduced you to Ann-Marie, our Sustainability Champion. Now, nearly a year on, we’re catching up with her to find out how our focus on all things green has progressed and whether we have achieved the environmental goals that we had set out.


How has the last year been for you as Sustainability Champion at Three Point?

It’s been so enjoyable.  The more I learn, the clearer the importance of action is.

There is fantastic work being done worldwide, recycling materials and other green initiatives which makes me optimistic for further recycled options to improve the materials loop and ways of working to be more in harmony with our environment.

This year, I would say a huge positive is that retailers and brands are becoming increasingly aware of the materials used for display, ensuring that where possible, the confirmed materials of choice will be recycled at end of life. 


Sustainability Goal No.1 – To Be Carbon Neutral

Only 5 months into 2021, we achieved Carbon Neutral status. Working with, we’ve calculated our carbon emissions and offset them using the UK tree planting scheme.

You can read more about our Carbon Neutral status here: Read more about Carbon Neutral


Sustainability Goal No.2 – Help clients to be more sustainable

We’re undertaking an in-house sustainability review of all the POS displays we currently produce for our clients and by considering newer technology and the alternative sustainable materials of today, see if they could lower the displays environmental impact.

We did exactly that for Ferrero and not only reduced environmental impact of one of their displays, but we also reduced the manufacturing cost by 18%. You can read more about what we did for Ferrero here: Read the Ferrero case study

This evaluation of both materials and our manufacturing methods has been intriguing even for us and provided impressive and very motivating improvements on our overall carbon footprint. I am very proud of the results achieved with the efforts of my colleagues and our clients are delighted to take advantage of these positive changes.


Sustainability Goal No.3 – Educate clients on sustainable alternatives

We’ve introduced a ‘Learning Centre’ on our website with the aim of educating our audience. Covering a wide range of topics, including sustainability, the Learning Centre offers an un-bias approach to the display industry and delivers genuine, helpful content about green alternatives, materials, display types, legislation that impacts the industry and much more besides.

You can check out our Learning Centre here: Visit the Learning Centre


Sustainable Alternatives to traditional display materials

We’ve also been busy researching and testing new sustainable alternatives and have now collated a range of environmental display material alternatives. As new materials are being developed frequently, this is an ongoing pledge of our sustainability journey.

If you would like to hear more about our sustainable material alternatives, including sea plastic, please contact me on 


We’re now members of the Zellar community

Zellar supports small and medium sized businesses to reduce their carbon emissions and operate more sustainably. Their overall aim is to help these businesses achieve net zero by 2030.

By joining the Zellar community we join a network of like-minded, eco-focussed businesses in the UK. We also get the opportunity to volunteer to take part in some pretty cool ‘green’ campaigns such as tree planting days and beach litter collecting.

You can find out more about Zellar here:


What are Three Point’s Sustainability goals for 2022?

For the next year, our aim is to continue the journey we have already set out on.

2021 was a really strong year for our successes in sustainability and now that we are Carbon Neutral, we will work shift that focus onto educating and helping our clients to achieve a much more sustainable future in retail display.

We are currently undergoing our in-house sustainability review, looking at all the displays we currently produce for our clients and based on the successes of that campaign, we are excited to see what results we can achieve by helping our clients to reduce their environmental impact. We’ll keep our blog updated with the results on this campaign.

We’ll also be moving on to the next phase of our sustainability plans, which will begin by progressing conversations with our material suppliers and empowering them to make changes before introducing KPI’s.


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