Everyone is talking about how to help protect our planet and be more sustainable. Trouble is, many of us believe that if a solution is more environmentally friendly it must cost more, right?

The truth is, that couldn’t be more WRONG, and we’re going to prove it.

We’re going to explain how we saved confectionery brand, Ferrero 18% on display costs for their Nutella Spin & Go! retail display for convenience stores whilst also developing a new recyclable design.

Here’s what we did…

Our dedicated in-house sustainability team set themselves a task to review all the POS displays we currently produce and by considering newer technology and the alternative sustainable materials of today, see if they could lower the displays environmental impact.

In this case, we went back to the drawing board.

 We designed a new unit that functions in the same way, but changed the production method to line bending, rather than vacuum forming resulting in the new design boasting several benefits:

  • Less energy required in manufacture
  • Reduced material offcuts and overall waste
  • Reduced assembly time, cutting labour costs
  • Manufactured in recycled styrene
  • Can be disassembled at end of life and components recycled

We presented our redesign and its sustainable benefits to the Ferrero team, and they were thrilled! They also decided to opt for a recycled styrene resulting in a further CO2 saving of approximately 20%. By opting for a white design, they also ensured the display could be recycled at end of life. 

So, what about the cost? Well, we helped there too! As a result of our redesign, we saved Ferrero 18% approx. in retail display manufacturing costs.  

We think you call that a win, win!

Interested to learn more? You can read the complete case study here: Ferrero – Nutella & Go! Sustainability Review

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