As the first quarter of 2023 comes to an end, we would like to update you on the progress that we have made in our sustainability journey.

At the point when we created our THREE POINT Sustainability Team the company directors had already committed to changes within our building to reduce our carbon output, actions which actually resulted in a 68% saving on energy costs. The remit of the team was, and is, to focus on process and new material innovations to improve our sustainability and offer the best possible information and choices to our clients for their retail displays.

During the last 12 months we have made great progress including the following achievements,

  • Making more units out of recycled content material than ever before. On average 81% of our styrene and ABS sheets purchased are recycled ranges.
  • As well as designing displays using our 6R’s checklist existing displays were reviewed to see how we could improve their carbon footprint. A simple change such as testing a commonly used hanging display in a lighter gauge material has led to a reduced material content in 8238 parasite units.
  • Increasing the number of recycling points across the building to make recycling as convenient as possible.
  • Production packaging specification updates; reusing bubblewrap, or packing with biodegradable versions. We also use paper tape which helps reduce contaminants in the cardboard recycling process.
  • Having our good work and focus on sustainability highlighted in recent trade publications. Please click on the links below to read these …
  • Reaching the final stages of Niche Eco Excellence Award, pipped at the post by a strong entry from Michael Smith Switchgear | LV Switchgear Leicester ( who are also doing excellent work by offering eco friendly solutions.
  • Impressing our local Economic Development Officer at NWL Council. Ray Hurst recently visited local businesses with a view to setting up a Sustainability networking group and met with our MD Adam Gillott. Ray was delighted by the work done at THREE POINT and said no one had taken the steps that we had.
  • Continuing to be climate positive through implementation of the Carbon Footprint scheme.
  • Attending Impact 22. In the Summer POPAI, our trade industry association, held their very first Impact 22 summit.  Leading brands from the industry sharing their own learnings and discussing best practice.
  • THREE POINT continue to test new materials with recycled content to define how they might be used in POS. Interesting innovationsincludes plastic with natural fibre content such as recycled coffee grounds.
  • If you would like to know more information on any of the above achievements, then please get in touch.

Next steps for Three Point.

  • Continue to gather retail information on recycling processes.
  • Continue to research and testing of new materials.
  • Continue to share information on our Insight Centre.

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