When planning a new retail display there are lots of factors to consider and high on the priority list for any display is sustainability.

Due to the increased social awareness on sustainability issues in the world today brands and retailers are more aware than ever for the need to consider the environment in everything that they do. From the materials used to produce the displays, how it’s packaged and also what happens to the display at end-of-life, the purchasing decision made by consumers is greatly affected by “how sustainable” the selling proposition presented is.

Indeed, brands are seeing the growth rate for purposeful products doubling (according to research by Unilever for POPAI Impact 22) meaning that eco conscious materials are vital to compliment and promote the brands instore.

To help you reach your sustainability goals we are sharing the 7 daily processes that can reduce the carbon footprint of your next retail display,

  1. Intelligent design, consider all aspects of the display and make sure the specification is sensible for the environment and life expectancy. Use the same checks to review existing displays, if it isn’t broken, check for more efficient solutions anyway!
  2. Choose sustainable materials, more and more options are available including recycled content, bio plastics (with part natural/renewable content), FSC certified wood and recovered sea waste among others (please contact us and ask for more details).
  3. Recycle offcuts, collect and separate as required by your waste management company to increase recycling rates.
  4. Reuse packaging such as bubble wrap, paper wadding and pallets. Biodegradable poly bags and bubble wrap are now available.
  5. Seal cartons with paper tape to help reduce contaminants in the recycling process.
  6. Where possible collect old units for refurbishment to lengthen the lifespan of the displays.
  7. Share new findings or interesting research with others so that as many people as possible benefit.


Discover more about our focus on sustainability by hearing from Ann-Marie, our Sustainability Champion click here

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