23 December 2021

Permanent retail displays are a form of point-of-sale display, designed to last 1+ years in a store environment and are stocked and continuously refilled with products.

Retail displays that are made to be a permanent fixture are typically much higher quality than temporary displays, as they are made from more robust materials such as wood, plastic, or metal.

Permanent retail displays are often designed to be redressed and rebranded, so that the same display fixture can be used for different campaigns throughout its lifespan in-store, including seasonal event and sales promotions.

In recent years, sustainability has become a key focus when planning permanent retail displays. The good news is not only are these types of displays considered sustainable because they can be used time and time again for different promotions, but they are also often designed using environmentally friendly materials so they can be recycled after use.

Permanent displays can be used in almost any location of a retail store environment, they can be freestanding, on the shelf, as part of a gondola end or as part of any other high-footfall area.

Here are some examples of permanent retail displays: Images courtesy of POPAI UK & Ireland.

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