08 October 2021

Freestanding display units (FSDUs) are a popular choice for temporary in-store grocery promotion. Using off-fixture displays like this present a great way to display new product lines, price reductions, or promote seasonal events.

A proven successful method of driving in-store purchase, a freestanding display is a great way to take your product out of the aisle and directly into the path of shoppers.

Securing in-store opportunities for a freestanding display aren’t easy and there are a number of financial costs associated with its activation such as retailer site fees, production of the display itself, distribution and of course, merchandising. All of these contributing factors make the right choice of FSDU super important so that you can ensure a good return on your investment (ROI).

In this article we discuss the different types of freestanding display unit (FSDU) and look at what the leading grocery retailers ask for when implementing retail displays in store.

First up, let’s look at FSDU styles…

Left – FSDU A Floorstand Stacker, Right – FSDU B Floorstand with shelves

FSDU A – Floorstand Stacker

This style of FSDU is typically a cost-effective method used to display a single SKU as the product is quite literally ‘stacked’ on top of each other, making it ideal for heavy products such as drinks cases.

FSDU B – Floorstand with Shelves

This style of FSDU offers a premium look and is typically used to display multiple SKUs. The shelves separate products and allow each line to be shopped at different rates of sale.

Left – FSDU C Pallet Stacker, Right – FSDU D Pallet Floorstand

FSDU C – Pallet Stacker

This style of unit is frequently use in Quarter, Half and full pallet sizes. 

FSDU D – Pallet Floorstand

This style of floorstand is ideal for pre-filled units with packaging buffers included to fill out gaps and keeping everything in position during transit.

FSDU size guides for grocery retailers

Each major grocery retailer has their own promotional space guidelines both in terms of graphics and unit specification for freestanding display. To help you identify the correct size of unit for your promotion please see summary of usual Grocery FSDU sizes:

Refer to retailer guideline document for greater detail on artwork requirements, EPOS holders, offer holder and handholes.

All dimensions believed correct at time of publishing.

FSDU sizes in UK Supermarkets

Merchandising & Distribution of freestanding displays

This is all about how your freestanding display will arrive to the store. Some units can be pre-stocked before distribution and arrive ready to be placed on the shop floor, whereas others require in-situ merchandising.

By Field Team. Options A-D detailed above can be flat-packed and either delivered directly to store for in-situ merchandising or be taken by the merchandising team in their car. 

By Retailer Distribution Centres (DC’s). If your distribution method is via DC’s its likely your unit will need to be pre-filled and staved onto pallets for ease of movement. You may still select any unit style, though the minimum footprint of pre-filled units is quarter pallet size (600 x 400mm). Though the height, layering and palletisation rules for each retailer must still be taken into account as per their guidelines.

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