Recycling at work goes way beyond putting paper and card in the correctly labelled bins. There are several things that we can do as individuals to make recycling at work easy and to form new habits. Little changes each day will make a big difference.

In this article we give you some useful hacks to help you improve your recycling processes in the workplace and be kinder to the environment.


Recycling at work hack #1

Make sure you understand what can be recycled at work. Materials that can be recycled are not always consistent in different parts of the country as local authorities and waste management collections recycle different things according to demand and machinery. Be sure to familiarise yourself with the up-to-date procedures or check with your management team.


Recycling at work hack #2

Always clean items that you put into the recycling bins. Items placed into the recycling that haven’t been washed out correctly will often result in the whole bag being considered contaminated, making everyone else’s hard work in vain. Make sure you wash out your food waste!


Recycling at work hack #3

If it can’t be recycled at work, take it home with you. For those products you personally use which can be easily recycled within your council collection then remember to take it home.


Recycling at work hack #4

Think before you print. Many offices have a print-less or print-free policy, so ensure you’re asking yourself if you really need to print it out before hitting the button.


Recycling at work hack #5

Buy clever. When buying products for use in the office, whether it’s new stationery or snacks for lunch, consider those products that make recycling its packaging easy. Always opt for single material packaging, minimal packaging or packaging that can be reused or repurposed for something else.


Recycling at work hack #6

Consider all waste types and don’t forget batteries and toners must not go to landfill. Speak to your office manager or management team to find out how batteries and toners can be recycled.


Recycling at work hack #7

Use leftovers for lunch. You put a lot of effort into last night’s dinner, why don’t you use the leftovers for another meal. Reducing food waste, saving money, and making your colleagues jealous.


Recycling at work hack #8

This one is for everyone who has a cupboard full of Tupperware! Bring lunches in a washable tub, rather than a cling film, foil, or a food bag.


Recycling at work hack #9

Take cutlery and crockery with you if it’s not available at work. Taking these essentials with you will avoid using disposables.


Recycling at work hack #10

Switch off all unnecessary sockets at night.  The energy used to keep electricals on standby is surprising and you’ll win brownie points with the boss for reducing the energy bill too.


Bonus recycling at work hack #11

Okay, not a hack, but equally important… Speak up. If you see something that isn’t acting in favour or considering the environment, then tell your management team. You could be the one to help make your workplace a greener place to be.


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