POS Shelf Displays

We can design and manufacture on-shelf point of sale displays for visual merchandising and stock holding of products.

Shelf displays present a great opportunity to highlight a product on the shelf and drive sales.

We design and create shelf point of sale displays including:

  • Temporary shelf displays for promotional or seasonal events
  • Permanent shelf displays for effective stock holding
  • Shelf mechanics to draw shopper attention

What is a shelf point of sale display?

Retail shelf displays are used as a visual merchandising tool to make products stand out on the shelf using visual marketing aids such as fins, wobblers, and frames. Shelf displays can also be made as complete units to hold stock in position on the shelf, keeping the display tidy, desirable and eye-catching at all times.

Shelf Trays

Used to increase product visibility and to merchandise products on the shelf effectively, we can design and manufacture brand impactful, custom-made retail shelf trays.

Looking for retail shelf trays made from sustainable materials? No problem, we have researched and developed a range of suitable eco-friendly alternatives that are less impactful to the environment.

Shelf glorifiers, fins, and wobblers

On-shelf promotional point of sale can effectively draw shopper attention and entice them to purchase your product instead of one from a competitor.

Often used for temporary retail promotion, on-shelf promotional points of sale can play an essential role in making your product stand out from the flatness of the in-store shelf.

Shelf frames

Branded shelf frames are used to standout in the retail store aisle. Using a frame in your point of sale shelf display draws the shopper eye to the products on display and can be used to persuade them to make a purchase.

To find out more about retail shelf displays, please contact info@threepd.co.uk


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