Freestanding Retail Displays (FSDUs)

We design and manufacture eye-catching permanent and temporary freestanding (FSDU) retail display activations that drive shopper purchases in-store.

FSDUs are used by brands and retailers to:

  • Disrupt the shopper journey and attract attention
  • Increase product visibility
  • Maximise brand impact

What is a Freestanding Retail Display

Freestanding retail displays, commonly known as FSDUs, are standalone promotional product displays that are often placed in high-traffic footfall areas to maximise brand impact and drive shopper purchases.

Often stocked with products, FSDUs can be designed specifically to meet the needs of the product itself and the period it is expected to last in a store environment. FSDUs are designed to be shoppable retail displays and can feature shelves, brackets, hangers and slatwall to hold a wide variety of products.

Temporary Freestanding Retail Display

Temporary FSDUs are designed to last typically up to 8 weeks in a store environment and are commonly manufactured using cardboard.

Freestanding retail displays can be delivered fully assembled or with an easy guide to construct in-store. FSDUs can also be pre-stocked to allow for quick implementation directly to the shop floor.

Permanent Freestanding Retail Display

Permanent FSDUs are designed using materials that can withstand the store environment for a long period of time. Often materials such as aluminium, acrylic, and hard plastics.

Freestanding retail displays are often designed with changeable graphics and branding to allow for different promotions or seasonal events.

Sustainable Freestanding Retail Display

We have designed a unique reusable freestanding display unit that can be rebranded and repurposed for different product activations and in-store campaigns.

Designed using environmentally friendly materials, this reusable FSDU is built with longevity in mind, but at end-of-life, can ultimately be recycled.

Recycling freestanding retail displays (FSDUs)

Working with you to understand your waste disposal and recycling capabilities at store-level, we can support your sustainability initiatives by implementing the following processes:

  • Discrete recycling and disposal instructions on the display itself
  • Offering a collect and return service to dispose of retail displays sustainably
  • Workshops to train and educate retail marketing teams and store-level staff on what to do at display end-of-life to dispose or recycle sustainably.

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