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Rollover – Retail Hotdog Tower Unit

Our relationship with Rollover started in 2011, when they asked us to help them create a retail display for their in-store hotdog counters.

With so many locations across the UK where the displays would be activated, the brand needed a solution where they could create and supply new retail displays quickly, but also refurbish existing displays to prolong their in-store lifespan.

Our design team created the initial freestanding tower which the team at Rollover absolutely loved. We then further developed the unit for ease of construction using a ‘flat-pack’ style kit of parts, which could also be called upon when refurbishing existing displays.

In 2020, we introduced a new design made from steel with sleek curved edges that offers maximum branding opportunities and in-built storage. The design includes low voltage LED strip lighting that together illuminates the branded header and also provides down lights onto the oven by utilising clever placement of mirrors, promising no hotspots or visible ghosting. The new design was also environmentally friendly, as when decommissioned could be dismantled and ultimately recycled.

We continue to work with Rollover and are excited to see how their brand develops over the years to come. “Working with Three Point has enabled the rebranding process to become a pleasurable experience. In what can be a stressful time for a brand like ours, they are always on hand to come up with new innovative ideas and suggestions as to how we can maximise our brand presence.” – Sales and Marketing Director, Rollover

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