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Lily’s Kitchen – House of Treats

In October 2019, Lily’s Treats tasked us with creating an experiential pop-up event in London. The event was to offer our furry friends 5 little moments of joy, brought to them in a in a dream house just for dogs.

The dream house was designed exactly how our four-legged friends would like it – a family home where they can get up to all the cheeky mischief they can’t at home such as stealing socks from the laundry pile, diving into a pile of autumn leaves and chilling on the sofa.

Petflix & Chill
The ultimate dog den where woofers can sit on the sofa and get away with it! Our four-legged friends were able to kick up their paws, watch canine-friendly movies and chomp away on their favourite TV snacks.

Put a Sock in it
A doggy heaven in the shape of a laundry room featuring socks, socks and more socks! Socks in the washing machine, socks in the laundry basket and strings of socks on washing lines.

Tummy Time
A mini doggy spa which offered a puppy-massage bed, doggy bath robes and slippers, and an expert dog masseuse. Our precious doggies were able to take their pick of paw, tummy, back or hot bone massage.

Bubble Bath
Bath time is fun-time for our furry friends and the bubble and ball-filled bathtub made them want to dive right in. There was also pup-friendly shower caps and squeaky rubber ducks too.

Bark in the Park
Dogs can freely enjoy an autumn wonderland equipped with a wheelbarrow full of Proper Treats! Woofers are welcome to jump, dig and roll in a pile of leaves to their heart’s content.

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