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JD Sports – Nike Flynit Launch

Nike asked us to create a unique display in-store that would be used to promote their new, extremely lightweight running shoes.

The client wanted to visually communicate how light these shoes really are, using a floating design and bold, bright colours.

Thinking outside of the box, we suggested using paracord, a material not typically used in POS but with the right activation could achieve fantastic results.

We created the perception of floating by removing the nylon from within the paracord and rethreading with steel rods. Each rod was then positioned to look like they had been fanned out, giving the impression of how light the shoe was by being held in place by the cord only.

We used a number of colours to attract in-store attention and also highlight how many colours were available in the new shoe range.

The campaign was such a huge success we were also asked to replicate it in other areas around JD stores. Our design teams created a a number of different applications that were suitable for different areas of the store, such as windows and table or podium displays.

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