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Ferrero – Nutella & Go! Sustainability Review

Setting our own personal sustainability objectives for 2021, we pledged to review all of POS displays we produce to see if we could improve them for our clients, to either add value, reduce overall cost, or reduce their impact to the environment.

New technology, materials and production processes entering the industry over the years has left many traditional display designs in need for review. So that’s exactly what we did.

We challenged ourselves to go back to the drawing board and redesign the Nutella & Go! Spinner, with a particular focus on improving its sustainability.

Given our experience producing 1000s of these units over the last 6+ years, we are aware that the compact size, and ease of customer use has always been very well liked by the Ferrero team and ideal for use in convenience and forecourt stores. We knew this couldn’t be compromised in our redesign.

We designed a new unit that functions in the same way, but changed the production method to line bending, rather than vacuum forming resulting in the new design boasting several benefits:

  • Less energy required in manufacture
  • Reduced material offcuts and overall waste
  • Reduced assembly time, cutting labour costs
  • Manufactured in recycled styrene
  • Can be disassembled at end of life and components recycled

Our redesign resulted in a cost saving of 18% approx. for our client.

This re-design not only has a very positive impact on the unit price, saving 18% on previous quotes, but also uses less energy in its manufactures and is simpler to disassemble at end of life.

We presented our redesign and its sustainable benefits to the Ferrero team, and they were thrilled by what we could offer. Sharing our passion to create environmentally friendly retail displays, they decided to opt for a recycled styrene resulting in a further CO2 saving of approximately 20%. They also opted for a white design to ensure that the display could be recycled at end of life. 

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