Hallmark Cards asked THREE POINT DESIGN to come up with some new design concepts for their Greeting Card Display System in Morrisons.

Hallmark felt that their existing display did not offer shoppers an easy and pleasurable shopping experience and so wanted to replace the clutter and untidiness with a more fluid and flexible greeting card display which allowed for plenty of point of sale (POS) messaging to help identify the categories and make it easier for shoppers to find the cards they were looking for.

One of the key requirements for the new system was to allow a seamless transition between adjacent bays rather than categories being regimentally fixed to a standard width. The “For Her” category contains more cards than “For Him” and so the ability to utilise 1.5m across 2 bays without an apparent divide was crucial in improving the shopper experience.

A major problem with the existing system was that there was no storage facility within the display, meaning that all replenishment stock had to be kept away from the unit in a storeroom. By introducing a hidden storage system, the stock of cards could be held inside the display, exactly where those responsible for replenishing the cards could get to them, saving them time and effort in keeping the display stocked for customers.

In response to Hallmark Cards’ challenges and objectives, THREE POINT DESIGN embarked on a creative journey to devise novel solutions that would address the shortcomings of the existing greeting Card Display System while enhancing the overall shopping experience for customers.

By leveraging our design expertise, THREE POINT DESIGN conceived an array of visionary concepts that addressed these pain points comprehensively. The proposed solutions focused on streamlining the display arrangement, introducing strategic POS messaging opportunities to enhance visual appeal, and seamlessly facilitating the integration of different card ranges spanning multiple display bays.

Furthermore, our designs allowed for convenient, stock storage, eliminating the need for distant storerooms and allowing merchandisers to optimize their efforts and ensure cards are promptly and efficiently displayed.

Through close collaboration and a meticulous design process, THREE POINT DESIGN’s innovative concepts sought to revolutionize Hallmark Cards’ Greeting Card Display System at Morrisons. Our vision aimed to breathe new life into the presentation of greeting cards, creating an aesthetic that resonates with both Hallmark’s brand identity and the expectations of the discerning Morrisons shoppers.

This undertaking, fuelled by creativity and a commitment to functional excellence, aspired to not only elevate the display system but also enhance the overall shopping journey, catering to the desires of both Hallmark Cards and their valued customers.

After incorporating client feedback into the prototype unit, THREE POINT DESIGN proceeded to produce the final system for implementation across multiple Morrisons stores, ensuring a seamless transition from the old system to the new one.

This encompassed project requisites such as logistics, dismantling the existing setup, delivery of the new system, installation, and restocking. Moreover, the removal and eco-friendly disposal of all components from the old system were meticulously managed.

The objective was to minimize disruption during the switch from the previous system to the innovative solution. By providing end-to-end project services, THREE POINT DESIGN facilitated a smooth and efficient process. The efforts aimed to harmoniously merge the new system into the store’s environment while mitigating any potential disturbances.

Our client told us “The fixtures look impressive and are easier to shop with more of the cards visible. The separate tiers at the top stand out, are more appealing and are much deeper which is better for embellished cards. The POS is very impactful and the wings fix and attach really well”

The video below showcases the finalized new system, a testament to THREE POINT DESIGN’s commitment to transforming the display landscape and optimizing the shopping experience. Through collaborative design, meticulous planning, and seamless execution, THREE POINT DESIGN not only met the client’s vision but also ensured a successful integration of the improved system into Morrisons stores.

Watch the Video HERE or click on the video below…

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