Our sustainability team are constantly looking for new ways in which we can operate more sustainably. We achieved carbon neutral status in 2021, but we’re not stopping there…

So far, we’ve made a lot of changes to our business, including how we process new jobs and how we produce them. But this time, our focus was on how we package the retail displays we produce.

Here’s how we package retail displays for shipping and distribution…

Cartons – Our corrugated board is made from recycled content and can also be recycled after use.

Bubble wrap – We currently recycle 80% of our bubble wrap, but we’re moving towards utilising a bubble wrap material where the remaining 20% will be biodegradable. You’ll easily recognise it as it is green in colour, to ensure that it is currently recycled in the relevant waste stream.

Tape – We use a paper self-adhesive tape to seal all our cartons. This paper tape is just as good as traditional tape but has zero plastic content making it environmentally friendly and able to be recycled along with other paper or card materials.

We might also sometimes use…

Polybags – We might sometimes use polythene bags to wrap retail displays before placing them in a carton. A polythene bag will protect the display from movement and abrasion whilst in transport by creating a thin barrier, ensuring each display arrives in-store looking as perfect as it did when it leaves our factory. We use recycled polythene bags where possible and work with clients to encourage recycling of polythene bags when displays are unpacked.

Polystyrene – When necessary, we might have to use the not so eco-friendly packaging material, polystyrene. However, although this material isn’t widely recycled, there are waste stream management companies that can recycle this material. We’ll come to that bit in a minute…

If we opt to use polystyrene when packaging up a retail display, it’s because we’ve deemed it necessary. After all, we don’t want a display to turn up not looking quite how you wanted it to because of damage caused in transport. The reality is polystyrene provides excellent cushioning and protection and replicating this with a card alternative would require a significant amount of material and could have an adverse effect. When we use polystyrene, we actively encourage and promote the recycling options available to recycle it. You can find out more about how to recycle polystyrene here: How is polystyrene recycled?

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