“Shining A Light On Sustainability” is one of the feature articles in the new edition of A1 Retail and highlights a selection of the latest initiatives by retailers and brands in their bid to become more sustainable, written by the Sustainability Team here at Three Point Design.

The retail industry stands as one of the primary generators of commercial waste. Thus, the establishment and upkeep of a circular economy emerge as imperative endeavours. These efforts are crucial in curtailing industrial waste and diminishing the reliance on pristine resources. But the scope of transformation isn’t limited to products or their packaging alone. The focal point extends to the realm of point-of-sale (POS) setups and in-store displays.

Encouragingly, there exists a range of strategies that can be employed to render in-store displays more ecologically mindful. When strategizing a display, it’s prudent to contemplate its potential utility for upcoming campaigns, while also considering necessary adjustments. A comprehensive analysis encompassing potential scenarios is essential. For instance, does it necessitate sturdy shelves capable of accommodating weightier inventory? Are the shelves adequately spacious and tall to hold diverse products?

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