Sustainability is a top subject in the retail display industry right now, with everyone talking about how to create retail displays more sustainably and how to reuse or recycle them after use.

A retail displays end-of-life is often the part that is the weakest link, as it can be almost impossible to ensure that everyone involved in the retail display chain knows what needs to happen to dispose of it correctly.

Who’s responsible?

Once a display has come to the end of its time in-store, who is ultimately responsible for ensuring it is disposed of correctly? Is it store staff? A point-of-sale team? Marketing team? Or even the manufacturer or install/derig team? That probably depends on the display and the setup/process in place.

In this article, we’re going to explain how we helped Ferrero to recycle their Nutella personalisation station retail pop-ups and what exactly happened to each of its components.

Let’s set the scene…

We all know how we like to see our own name on things. That’s why Ferrero implemented ‘personalisation stations’ for their Nutella brand, where customers could buy a Nutella product with their own name on.

The pop-ups were all unique, with different formats and footprints available to suit the different environments in which they would be installed. They were also designed as flat pack so that they could be taken down and stored in-between campaigns. 

The personalisation stations proved a massive hit for the brand and over the year’s they were active, we created a whopping 60 pop-up stations to attract customers in shopping centres and department stores such as Brown Thomas, Debenhams and Harvey Nichols. The campaign grew year on year, proving popular with stores by offering an engaging and memorable shopping experience.

Starting in 2016, the Nutella personalisation stations are now around 5 years old, so have now been retired from in-store display. But what happened to them?

Recycling and Repurposing Nutella Retail Pop-up Displays

The displays were made up of a number of materials and components that were all able to be recycled or repurposed sustainably.

Here’s what we did…


Each printer was assessed for refurbishment by our electrical recycling partner.  Each machine was broken down for parts and wiring components to restore and refurbish other workable machines.

Wood & Timber

Wood and timber was recycled into the production of award-winning animal bedding for horses, poultry and cattle called ‘easibed’. This sustainable bedding not only brings environmental benefits, but health benefits to the animals too.

Here’s a story about how equestrian lover, Kayleigh changed to easibed for her rescue horse, Vayen who in her own words are now ‘part of the easibed easilovers gang’ Read the story here:


The worktops were classed as ‘MFC – Grade C’ products, made from wood, glue and a hard plastic finish for their manufacture, the perfect solution to create hygienic and strong workable sides for the Nutella personalisation stations.

This mix of materials meant that the worktops had to be shredded, creating biomass fuel which was used for cement kiln firing.


There was only a small amount of Foamex used to create each station, so like the worktops, each piece was shredded to create biomass fuel for cement kiln firing.

Have you considered how your retail display will be recycled?

We’ve been working hard to come up with sustainable materials, substrates and even entire retail displays in order to support our client’s and their sustainability objectives.

We’d love to show you more, or even help you to create your next display.

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