Andrew Richardson, Business Development Manager at Three Point Design, visited the National Convenience Show at the NEC recently and was delighted to see the FWIP Mini Cart, that we designed and manufactured, on their exhibition stand.

To extend their range of retail displays and enhance the opportunity for the FWIP brand to move into the leisure and hospitality markets the Mini Cart is a very stylish mobile unit which encapsulates all of the design and imagery associated with the FWIP brand.

Andrew went on to explain “The FWIP Mini Cart was certainly getting a lot of attention at the show and after speaking with client there has been a lot of interest from various market sectors. When we started talking to FWIP about the cart they provided us with a lot of history and photos which explained how the brand came about, from the passion of bringing Gelato Ice Cream to a whole new market. Incorporating the colours, shaping and styling of Italian Vespas and Piaggios the Mini Cart is an extension of their Gelato Machine which sits atop the display. This desirable Mini Cart will certainly bring the flavour of gelato ice creams to the UK in a whole new way.”

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