Eco-friendly retail displays are a HOT topic in the industry right now. Everyone is looking for ways to be more sustainable, from materials and production processes through to recycling at end-of-life. 

As a business we have implemented several ‘eco’ initiatives with the aim to help our clients be more sustainable. In this article, we explore what they are…

1 – Supporting recycling at store level

Firstly, we have developed a retail display collection service for our clients who cannot support recycling at store level. By returning the retail displays we produce to our factory, we can ensure recycling is carried out effectively and more materials can be processed via waste disposal partnerships.

2 – Educating our clients on ‘Eco’ topics

Secondly, we’ve introduced an ‘Learning Centre’ on our website with the aim of informing and educating our audience. Covering a wide range of topics, including sustainability, the Learning Centre offers an un-bias approach to the display industry and delivers genuine, helpful content about green alternatives, materials, display types, legislation that impacts the industry and much more besides.

Some of our sustainable focussed content includes:

•   3 Ways to help in-store staff to recycle retail point of sale displays

•   Spotlight on: Sustainable Retail Display Packaging

•   Sustainability under the Spotlight: Card vs. Plastic

3 – We’re undertaking a sustainability review on all client displays

Thirdly, we’re undertaking an in-house sustainability review of all the POS displays we currently produce for our clients and by considering newer technology and the alternative sustainable materials of today, see if they could lower the displays environmental impact.

We did exactly that for Ferrero and not only reduced environmental impact of one of their displays, but we also reduced the manufacturing cost by 18%.

We consistently research and test new materials and have now collated a range of environmental and sustainable display alternatives. We recognise that new materials are being developed frequently, so we have made an ongoing pledge as part of our sustainability journey.

Our expertise and knowledge of eco-alternatives enables us to work with our clients to achieve specifications that suit the look & feel, lifespan and retailer guidelines. We will also consider the potential for refurbishments and end-of-life.

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