3 Ways to help in-store staff to recycle retail point of sale displays

13 August 2021

When it comes to sustainability in retail, the pressure is on! Consumers are leading brands and retailers into making positive changes to lower carbon emissions, fight climate change and ultimately be more environmentally friendly.

Changes don’t stop at products or how they’re packaged, point of sale and in-store retail displays are in the spotlight too.

There are lots of boxes to tick when it comes to creating an environmentally friendly retail display, but how can you keep in control of things that are in the hands of somebody else?

One of the challenges that retail marketers, designers, and shopper campaign controllers face is ensuring that the point of sale and retail displays they’ve lovingly produced, finish their journey in the way that was it intended to.

In this article, we explore 3 ways in which you can help in-store staff to recycle point of sale and retail displays at the end-of-life.

No. 1 – Inform them on how retail displays can be recycled

There are so many ways in which retail displays can be recycled that it’s pretty much impossible to know every single one. Plus, if you’re based in head office, you will likely know more about what can happen to retail displays and materials after they are recycled and what they can go on to be recycled into.

Let’s be honest, how some retail displays or the materials that are used to create them can be recycled is pretty cool. For example, wood chippings being recycled into bedding for animals and plastics being used to produce traffic cones.

Planning an educational session or workshop will help staff on the ground to learn more about what can be recycled and how, and in turn help them to choose the right recycling channels and processes when they remove a retail display from the store.

If you can’t plan a physical session or workshop, then you could consider putting together a digital package that can be distributed across the team by the store or regional managers.

No. 2 – Place a ‘How To Recycle Me’ message somewhere that only store staff will see it

Consider placing a hidden ‘How To Recycle Me’ guide on your point of sale or retail displays that will help store staff to know how it can be recycled. It doesn’t have to be big, just noticeable. This is so simple and really effective.

For example, if it’s a floor-standing display unit (FSDU) then maybe you could put it on the back or on the bottom, or if it’s a hanging sign, maybe in small print in the corner. Just remember that if you decide to give this a try, placement is key, so that store staff know where to look for it every time they remove a display from store. It’s also super helpful and will certainly improve your overall recyclability.

No. 3 – Include it in your marketing sales message

This one also ticks the consumer box by openly communicating exactly how the point of sale or retail display will be recycled after it leaves the store.

A recent insight report from POPAI UK & Ireland found that shoppers want brands and retailers to publicise their sustainability initiatives with 66% saying they felt there should be greater emphasis in this area. So, if you’re a brand or retailer, providing greater visibility on your point of sale or retail display is a huge thumbs up from consumers!

Positioned in high footfall and dwell time locations, P-O-P can engage with large numbers of shoppers, many of whom will be highly aware of the environmental issues associated with retail and consumer goods.

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