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Think and Work – Kinder Airport Dispenser

We were approached by Think & Work, a trade marketing agency based in Barcelona with a request to help them create a one-off retail display for Ferrero brand, Kinder.

This display would form part of a market test to gauge how customers interact with the product in-store, with the look to produce more units should the test be a success.

The client supplied an initial brief with some designs as to how they wanted to display to look. Working directly with Ferrero for many years, we were able to bring some experience in what works for the brand to the table, so we worked closely with them to finesse the final design and produced a prototype for demonstration and approval.

The display was to be implemented airside at an airport in Prague, so we also switched some materials in order to meet the strict guidelines of airport display.

With the project taking place during the COVID-19 pandemic, restrictions to travel meant that we had to find creative ways to demonstrate the prototype, so jumped on video calls and made videos at every stage of manufacture and to demonstrate each component.

We pre-constructed a number of components before shipping in order for installation to be as easy and streamlined as possible. We also supplied detailed assembly instructions, packed everything into crates and shipped to an approved airport contractor in the Czech Republic. When we shared some pictures of the final result with the client, they said ‘Thanks for sharing, the displays looks great!’

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