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Kinetic Wellbeing – Gift Tray

Kinetic Wellbeing, a pharmaceutical company that make wellbeing products for use at home tasked us with creating a retail display unit for Well Pharmacy Stores.

The display needed to fit within existing retail shelving or be suitable for the countertop, be robust enough to last in store for over a year and have replaceable graphics so that the signage could be changed with different branding and images.

To save on logistics costs, the client also requested that the display was supplied flat pack so it could be transported efficiently to individual stores.

We designed a cardboard point of sale display with a card tray and removable header and side panels. We also printed the gift box layout onto the tray itself to help staff in-store when merchandising the display.

Each display was packed individually ready for store distribution and included some handy assembly guides to ensure visual compliance in store.

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