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Ferrero – 3D Tic Tac Retail Display

Ferrero asked us to help them create a brand-new retail display for their Tic Tac brand to implemented into Shell garages across the UK.

The display would replace an existing unit that had been created by the retailer, so the Ferrero team felt it was important to make their mark and create a bold, statement display to take its place. They challenged us with creating a GIANT retail unit in the iconic shape of a Tic Tac. Its pill shape was easily recognisable amongst consumers, so the brand felt that this was the perfect activation to attract shopper attention in-store.

The display needed to display six variants of products and include exact product placement markers to help with stock and display compliance once in-store.

The project presented two main challenges. The space in the different Shell garages across the UK meant that the depth of the unit needed to be deep enough to hold stock, but not too deep to impose on the in-store retail environment. Similarly, the different store formats also presented a number of shop-build frames already in-situ for the display to be adjoined, so we needed to find a universal solution that could apply to all.

We surveyed a number of stores and evaluated a selection of store plans supplied by Shell, which resulted in our design team developing a standard bracket set that could be adapted in order to fit the different stores.

The graphics were designed to be interchangeable, making this a long-term retail display that could be redressed and repurposed for different promotions.   Making a statement in Shell stores, the GIANT Tic Tac definitely draws the shopper eye. Instantly recognisable by its iconic shape, this display create intrigue and is in prime position to disrupt the customer journey.

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