26 November 2020

Sustainability in retail is a hot topic. So many brands and retailers have been changing the way in which they communicate with their customers in store by using more environmentally friendly materials for POS and P-O-P production.

There are many sustainable alternatives to otherwise considered environmentally impactful materials, but how do you know which one is best and which one to choose?

Plastic is a material that is widely considered bad for the environment. The truth is, there are many types of plastics, some of which are more straightforward to recycle than others. The same can be said for card materials that are coated and require chemicals to remove it prior to recycling.

100% Recycled Styrene

HIPS material is durable, economical and widely recyclable making it an ideal material for both short-life and long-life point of sale displays.

  • Choosing 100% recycled HIPS is an excellent low environmental impact material.


–      Made from recycled plastic

–      Requires a low amount of energy to be recycled

It also comes with a HUGE range of display benefits.

–     Can be vacuum formed and heat formed into fabricated designed

–     Ideal for promotional and permanent displays

–     Can be branded with display graphics

–     Cost-effective display material

–     Doesn’t deteriorate over display lifespan

–     Widely recycled material

Our team at Three Point will always suggest the most suitable materials for the retail environment, display type, lifespan required and end-of-life.

Speak to one of the team who can advise you on the best materials for your next project on 01530 839 777 or sales@threepd.co.uk

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