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10 ways to offset carbon footprint

10 Ways to Offset your Carbon Footprint

Published: 16 April 2021

We are all responsible for minimising our impact on the environment, so what options are available to organisations who want to give back? Offsetting your carbon footprint could be a great place to start.

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giant chaiiwala coffee cup

Is this the greenest bin you’ve ever seen?

Published: 25 March 2021

When it comes to recycling, Chaiiwala have absolutely nailed it with this recycling waste bin! An adaption to our ever-famous GIANT coffee cup saw this Indian street food brand create a super clever promotional signage campaign with a hidden talent. Recycling is a hot topic, so we were more than up for taking on the challenge of creating an easy and effective way for customers to recycle their used coffee cups. And where else better to put them than in…

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Celebrating World Nutella Day

Published: 28 January 2021

When we found out that World Nutella Day was a real thing, we weren’t surprised at all! It all started back in 2007 when an American blogger took to the web and declared their love for Nutella. In fact, they loved it so much they thought it deserved a holiday. Now, World Nutella Day has become a global phenomenon and each year on 5th February Nutella lovers all over the world share their stories and spread the Nutella joy. We’re…

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