15 November 2016

Three Point were recently approached to produce some Memory Boxes for the residents at Youell Court Salvation Army Care Home.
The idea behind the boxes was to provide residents with a special place to display small memorable belongings.

Youell Court Salvation Army Care Home

Memory Box

Three Point Managing Director, Adam Gillott, was delighted to help and offered to produce them for Care Home free of charge.

On 26th October, Three Point representative, Garry Watson, hand delivered the Memory Boxes to Youell Court Admin Manager, Debbie Woodward.


Debbie Woodward and Garry Watson

Debbie said: These boxes will be displayed outside the resident’s rooms for small memorable belongings to be placed that are precious to them.
For people with dementia, the memory box can help to stimulate conversation with visitors, carers and other residents.

A memory box will reflect the resident’s interests or a moment of history that has special meaning to the individual.

Thank you letter

Thank you letter

Thank you card from the Residents

Thank you card from the Residents

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