21 April 2020

James Hoare from our design team here at Three Point has been supporting our NHS heroes with the help of his 3D-printer and producing

a unique strap, known as an ‘Ear Saver’, designed to be worn on the back of the head and reduce stress of mask straps behind the ears.


The idea for this clever strap originated from a Product Designer in Maple Ridge, Canada and thanks to Quinn Callander, a 12-year old

Scout coincidentally from the same area went VIRAL on Facebook. The post shared a link to a thingyverse page where the design files

could be downloaded for others to reproduce. The files have now been downloaded over 66,500 times!

People all over the world are producing these Ear Savers for our amazing healthcare workers on the frontline in the fight against Coronavirus.

Using a 3D printer at home, James has been producing these ear protective straps and donating them to our amazing healthcare workers.

You can find out more about Quinn and his 3D-printing journey creating Ear Savers here.

Do you have a 3D printer?

Maybe you could help our frontline too by producing Ear Savers too.

You can download the files here. 

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