Three Point New Canteen

16 May 2018

We recently undertook work to refurbish our staff canteen, with the aim to transform the space into a more comfortable, usable area for our employees to enjoy their breaks.

Our starting point was to understand the requirements of our staff and potential visitors, as each had different preferences and needs.

Our design department created a seating scheme to suit different moods and make better use of space, along with a colour scheme giving a more welcoming environment.

Out went the pool table, the plastic red chairs and small deli style tables and stark white paint work.

The new designs incorporate communal dining with comfortable leather seating, a soft couch area with coffee table and a corner breakfast bar with high seats.

The new seating plan provides more of a bistro environment to allow for those who like to take time over lunch to linger and chat, or those staff on the go, who prefer grabbing a quick bite to eat and a coffee.

Three Point New Canteen

New artwork and a vibrant colour scheme complete the look and we are enjoying the benefits immensely.

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