Cleaner & Assembly Operative


  1. What do you do at Three Point? Part time cleaner / assembly operative

How long have you worked here? Since February 2022

What’s the best thing about working at Three Point? Everyone is really friendly & helpful

Tell us something about you that nobody at work knows I love the sea. When we go away, I enjoy just sitting, listening & watching the sea

Who inspires you and why? Lots of people for different reasons but especially people who keep striving to better themselves

What kind of music do you like? Most music but I do enjoy a bit of Motown

Can you speak any languages? No, I have enough trouble with my English sometimes

Best place you’ve ever been on holiday and why? I can’t choose one place, but I really enjoyed Fuerteventura, as one of the beaches was white sand & the sea was beautiful

What was your favourite subject at school? Home economics

What 3 items would you take with you to a deserted island and why? My 3 dogs, because I don’t think anyone would look after them as well as I do





Phone: 01530 839 777


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